NiSi 77mm Close-Up screw on NC Lens

77 front filter thread
Usable with 70 to 300mm Focal Lengths
1:1 Magnification at 200mm Focal Length
Creates Macro Effect
Decreases Minimum Focus Distance
Double Optical Corrective Glass
Apochromatic Design, Nano Coated
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This NiSi 77mm Close-Up Lens Kit II offers the ability to achieve macro-like results with camera lenses that feature focal lengths from 70 to 300mm and have 77, 72, or 67mm front filter threads. A close-up lens is a magnifier that optically decreases the focal length of a camera lens placed behind it. This effect lessens the minimum focus distance between the camera lens and a subject. Magnification can then be obtained by decreasing the distance between the subject and the combined camera lens and close-up lens. On lenses with or set to a 200mm focal length, this close-up lens provides an approximate 1:1 magnification.