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we are a photo, video and light equipment rental shop in the center of Amsterdam. we can arrange any type of equipment, gear and/or technical crew because we have a lot of love and knowledge for equipment and a wide network of dedicated professional partners in all fields of production. Read more »
  • you like to rent a Phase One camera system?
    you like to rent a Phase One camera system?
  • the new mighty tiny Profoto B10 now for rental
    the new mighty tiny Profoto B10 now for rental
  • to Dome or not to Dome
    to Dome or not to Dome
  • for sale, savage background paper
    for sale, savage background paper
  • Profoto Zenith and B10
    Profoto Zenith and B10

This is happening
at eQuipme.nl:


We can configure our Ronin 4D according to your preferences with native DJI lenses, Sony lenses, or our beautiful Nisi Athena lenses. With or without autofocus or remote control.


For the first time available in Amsterdam . The BIG Nisi Athena 8 lens set. Including the long-desired 135mm medium telephoto lens! Zo iets? En dan met de nodige hashes er aan ook die van de leverancier AVNED


The Nisi Athena Okto lens set!

The comprehensive Nisi Athena 8 PL lens set is available for rent from now on, including the new 135mm lens. Now all we need is a macro lens ;-)

Trigger Happy!

New in the rental: The ESPER TriggerBox Trigger multiple cameras with absolute precision. This controller box allows you to trigger 6 cameras simultaneously or with programmed sequences and offsets.

for sale second hand paper backdrops from Savage


Now available for rent, Godox flash lights. Top quality for a fair price! Because we just couldn’t ignore these new Godox X3 triggers😍


A Storm more than twice as big has arrived! Now you can replace the bulky HMI and tungsten lights on your shoots with this versatile, bi-color, highly flexible, and powerful Aputure XT26 LED light instead.


Now available for rent: the HOLLYLAND Solidcom 2 way communication system!

20 euros for the first day and 10 euros for the following days. This is a limited-time offer in collaboration with Hollyland.

With our special adapter, it’s possible to mount a Profoto flash head on the Aputure Spotlight MAX with impressive results. This way, we bring the worlds of flash and continuous light together again!


now available for rent the HOLLYLAND Solidcom 2 way communication system! https://equipme.amsterdam/en/rental/2576


Now available for rent: the new super-fast and powerful DJI Power 1000 location battery. Supercharge your shoot! | | Thank you @droneshop.nl for the fast delivery🚀 |




ready to go out for a client with special wishes


Here is one example of the many ways you can use the marble Orbit, visit our rental to play around and let us help you with your creative plan.


Control the reflection! With the Nisi CPL true color 4 Stops Don’t hesitate to text if you got a question.


The Marbl Orbit With a silent motor and adjustable arms the tool for filmmakers that want to go beyond If you got a creative idea we will help you bring it to life