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we are a photo, video and light equipment rental shop in the center of Amsterdam. we can arrange any type of equipment, gear and/or technical services because we have a lot of love and knowledge for equipment and a wide network of dedicated professional partners in all fields of production. Read more »
  • the new mighty tiny Profoto B10 now for rental
    the new mighty tiny Profoto B10 now for rental
  • to Dome or not to Dome
    to Dome or not to Dome
  • for sale, savage background paper
    for sale, savage background paper
  • you like to rent a Phase One camera system?
    you like to rent a Phase One camera system?
  • Profoto Zenith and B10
    Profoto Zenith and B10
  • new rental location! Van Slingerlandtplein 9
    new rental location! Van Slingerlandtplein 9

This is happening
at eQuipme.nl:

ready to go out for a client with special wishes #fujifilmgfx100
back to the future:-)
Now you can replace the bulky HMI and tungsten lights on your shoots with this versatile, bi-color, highly flexible, and powerful Aputure XT26 LED light instead.
Here is one example of the many ways you can use the marble Orbit, visit our rental to play around and let us help you with your creative plan.
Control the reflection! With the Nisi CPL true color 4 Stops Don’t hesitate to text if you got a question.
The Marbl Orbit With a silent motor and adjustable arms the tool for filmmakers that want to go beyond If you got a creative idea we will help you bring it to life
NEW IN for WEEKLY RENT (Because you will want to take your time with this guy!) The FujiFilm GW690 lll Medium Format Analog 65mm f5.6 Now with an hour of free scanning on our Flextight!

Savage in Stock

We hebben alle kleuren achtergrondrollen van het merk Savage op voorraad. Ga lekker zitten en we halen je kleur uit het magazijn. check de voorraad


Now new in the rental. the super bright Cine Lenses from 7Artisan. perfect for the Sony FX30 super 35 camera

New! Aputure Infinibar for rent

new in the rental, for the time being, the only ones in the Netherlands:-) the Aputure INFINIBAR RGB LED 18-Light Mix Kit and the Aputure INFINIBAR RGB LED Light Tube

Your own network at any location!

Spring is coming! Let your entire team enjoy free, fast, and secure internet at any location. This is the fastest 5G and WiFi6 mobile router available for rent in Amsterdam.

Now, in addition to Canon, Fujifilm PhaseOne and Nikon, Sony is also available for rental

Now that we have started renting out the Sony video cameras including the FX30, the FX3 and the FX6, we obviously couldn't help but rent out the super hi-res Sony A7R V. This is because to push these beautiful Sony R lenses really to the limit! If they can do 60Mp, 4k is easy:-)

there he is! The new Fuji GFX100s with all the lenses

Now for rent at eQuipme.Amsterdam, the super nice Fujifilm GFX Camera system with an extensive lens set. The beauty of the GFX100s is that you have medium format quality with the ease of use of a mirrorless 35mm camera. check the rental stock

New in our rental catalogue: The Kessler CineDrive system!

The Kessler CineDrive system is Kessler's most robust motion control system. We can supply this system with different sliders up to a maximum length of 360cm. It is possible to rent this system from us with an Operator who will fully explain the system to you or, if desired, guide your entire shoot.


The Light Storm 1200d Pro is the flagship Light Storm product and the brightest fixture in the Aputure and Light Storm lineup. It utilizes a 1200W Daylight COB chipset to compete on the same level as industry-standard HMI Lights, with a staggering 83,100+ lux output at 3 meters with the Hyper Reflector (Narrow).