Avenger A5012 Roller 12 Folding Base

Junior roller stand with folding leg base and braked wheels
Very popular stand for holding monitors in studio & on location
3 sections, 2 risers. Ø: 45, 40, 35 mm. Max height: 120 cm/47.2''
Steel column, aluminium risers & captive locking T-knob handles.
Folding base great for self-standing storage when not in use
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The Avenger A5012 folding base roller combo stand with 3 sections and 2 risers, features a lower steel column and 2 risers in Aluminium. This stand has a folding wheel base and when the stand is retracted and the wheels are folded it is only 68 cm/26.8 in long. Capable of holding loads up to 25 kg/55.1 lbs. this rolling braked base stand is great for holding monitors and is very popular for people when shooting tethered. The combo head has a 28 mm/ 1 1/8 in receiver and a retractable 16 mm/ 5/8 in baby pin. The low folding wheel base allows you to get this stand under objects that are not very far off the ground. Easily nestles under c-stands too! The max height of 120 cm/47.2 in and min height of 78 cm/30.7 in is ideal for working while standing or sitting.