Phase One XF 150mm LS f/2.8 Blue Ring Lens

Lenses medium format, Phase One XF, prime
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A Lens of Schneider Kreuznach

- Aperture range f2.8 - f22
- Angle of view 25°
- Filter 95mm
- Flash synchronization up to 1/1000th
- Focusing System Auto Focus / Manual
- Minimum Focusing Distance 1.0m / 3.28ft
- Area Covered 280 x 210 mm / 11.0 x 8.3

The Schneider Kreuznach 150mm f/2.8 IF lens is the fastest telephoto lens, providing razor thin depth of field at f/2.8 and beautiful out-of-focus bokeh. Perfect for studio and location portraiture alike.

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