Broncolor Scoro S 3200 RFS2 Pack

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Enhanced Color Temperature Control
3 Outlets, Asymmetrical Distribution
10 Stop Range in 1/10 Stop Increments
100 - 240VAC
Flash Duration 1/10,000 @ Min, t0.1
0.2 - 2.2 Sec. Recycling @ Maximum Power
Normal and Speed Modes
Multiple Triggering Options
Illuminated Silicone Keypad

Maximum Watt/Seconds Normal mode: 3,200W/s
Speed mode: 2,400W/s
Guide Number Normal mode: f90.2 at 6.5' (2.0 m) feet ISO 100 with P70 reflector
Speed mode: f64.9 at 6.5' (2.0 m) feet ISO 100 with P70 reflector
Recycle Time Normal mode
0.02 - 1.3 sec @ 230V
0.02 - 2.0 sec @ 120V
0.02 - 2.2 sec @ 100V
Speed mode
0.02 - 0.8 sec @ 230V
0.02 - 1.2 sec @ 120V
0.02 - 1.4 sec @ 100V
Switchable to slow charge
Flash Duration t0.1 / t0.5
Normal mode:
Minimum power: 1/10,000 sec. / 1/14,000 sec.
Maximum power: 1/132 sec. / 1/390 sec.
Speed mode:
Minimum power: 1/10,000 sec. / 1/14,000 sec.
Maximum power: 1/285 sec / 1/860 sec.
Flash Variability Over 10 stops in 1/10 or full f/stop intervals
Choice of joules or percent for LCD display
Color Temperature ECTC technology (Enhanced Color Temperature Control) for constant or specifically adjustable (200K increments) color temperature
Voltage Stabilization Yes, +/- 0.3%
Distribution Symmetrical and asymmetrical
Head Outlets 3
Modeling Light Accepts 3x 650W
Control Illuminated silicone keypad, 3.2" (8.1 cm) LCD display, radio remote control (dust and scratch resistant)
Triggering Manual release button, photocell, infrared, RFS or RFS 2 receiver (may be switched off) sync cable, IRX 2
Flash Ready Indicator At 100% charge
Visual: ready light
Audible: beep
Operating Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz - 16A (230V) 15A (120V) 15A (100V)
Sync Voltage Not specified by manufacturer
Built-in Slave Cell Built-in RF receiver, Optical and Infrared signals
Circuit Protection Circuit breaker plus thermal protection
Fan Cooled Yes
Auto Dump Yes
Additional Functions Selectable flash duration, sequence function, interval, individual color correction, speed mode, memory function, delay, alternate pack triggering (ping-pong), t0.1
Dimensions 15.7 x 11.3 x 7.5" (40 x 28.8 x 19 cm)
Weight 26.7 lb (12.1 kg)

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