Profoto OCF softbox 1 x 3' (30x90cm)

For B1s B2s and B10s OCF Flash Heads
Soft, Flattering Lighting
Color-Coded Rods, Requires Speed Ring
Fixed Front Diffuser
Removable Interior Diffuser
Speed Ring included
Optional Softgrid
Fast Setup
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This 1 x 3' Profoto OCF Softbox is part of the Off Camera Flash accessory system intended for to B1s and B10s OCF Flash Heads. Light weight and speed are evident throughout its construction. The fixed front diffuser saves on setup time, as do the colour-coded support rods that mount quickly to the separately-purchased, patent-pending speed ring. This 1 x 3' strip softbox is ideal for use as a hair light or rimlight on a stand or overhead on a boom. It also produces a long, elegant highlight in reflective objects in product or tabletop work. An optional fabric grid is available to narrow the softbox's beam and add directional control.