Parallax extension kit for Kesler 3' CineSlider

Orchestrate Precise 2-Axis Camera Moves
Facilitates Inward and Outward Panning
Compatible with Kessler Motion Control
Quick and Easy Setup
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Achieve shots that were once only possible with advanced motorized setups with the Kessler Crane Parallax. This model is sized to fit the 3' Cineslider and provides fixed-point shooting capability. Using a flexible bar and a mechanical linkage, the Parallax can easily facilitate inward and outward panning motions to accompany the horizontal slider movement. This can be used, for example, to fix the camera on one subject during the slide; great for interviews and other shots of still subjects. Setting up is as easy as setting your camera's position at each end of the move's travel.

The design of the Parallax does not hinder camera placement, and traditional slider functionality can be maintained without removing the Parallax from the slider. A motor can be added for autonomous control in situations where a camera operation crew is not available or when precise control is required.