automatic tensioning strap 3m (black)

Maximale lengte: 3m
Minimale lengte: 0.4m
Breedte: 50 mm
Toegestane trekkracht direct: 750 daN
Toelaatbare Trekkracht overgelegd: 1500 daN
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Automatic tension strap large 750 kg 3 meters 2 metal clamping hooks. This black automatic lashing strap has a minimum length of 400 mm and a maximum length of 3000 mm. You can attach the tension strap to two fixed points by means of the clamping hooks. Just like with lashing straps and lifting slings, it is important to take the breaking strength into account with an automatic lashing strap. When the lashing strap is used for a load that is heavier than the breaking strength, the lashing strap may break. This automatic lashing strap has a breaking strength of 1500 daN. This means that you can safely use this lashing strap for loads weighing up to 1500 kilos.