Heavy Duty Wind Up Manfrotto 387XBU

Heavy Duty Crank & Wind-Up Stand
Braked Whee s (160mm Diameter)
Maximum Working Height 12' / 366 cm
Minimum Working Height 5.1' / 156 cm
Load Capacity 176.4 lb / 80 kg
Collapsed Height 5.8' / 178 cm
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The Manfrotto 387XBU Black Steel Super Wind-Up Stand rises to a maximum height of 12' (3.6 m).
This heavy-duty stand has two risers. The ascent and descent of the sections are controlled by two steel cables, which are activated by unlocking the safeties and turning the crank. It has a Junior (1-1/8") female receptor. To mount fixtures with Baby receptors, order Avenger part #E200.

The 387XBU has a leveling leg, to add stability to the load when you are using it on uneven terrain. It also has eyelets so that you may secure optional wind-bracing devices such as #087WBK, or your own wires or rope.