Profoto Giant Parabolic Reflector, Silver - 6' (180 cm)

True Parabolic Shape
Adjustable Focus
Optional Front Diffusers
Padded Storage Bag
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Especially popular with fashion shooters, the Profoto Giant Parabolic Reflector is a unique light shaper that is frequently called an umbrella but it is quite a different thing. A parabolic umbrella has many more support spokes to make the source truly round, which works in conjunction with the key design factor of depth. Together they render light output which has a wrap-around quality due to its large diameter but is also crisp thanks to its unique focal point.

More like a 6' (180 cm) beam of light as compared to an umbrella's bounced light, the focus can be adjusted for harder or softer output while containing spill, by swapping out the center pole to locate the flash closer or further away from the back of the reflector. Optional 1/3 and 1 stop front diffusers allow you to produce soft light compared to an Octabox if desired.