Digi Tent ultrabounce floppy (4-Sided)

Compact Solution for Video Village Needs
Portable Alternative to Pop-Up Tents
Integrated 3/8" Pin
Attach Directly to C-Stands & Grip Heads
Black Interior / White Exterior
Foldable & Fits into 4 x 4 Carts
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The 4-sided 4 x 4' ULTRABOUNCE Floppy Tent is a simple, portable alternative to a pop-up tent for video village needs. Featuring an integrated 3/8" pin, it's designed to attach directly to C-stands and grip heads without any additional hardware.

This 4-sided version features four walls and a roof, providing an all-around enclosure. The interior of the tent is black, allowing the director, DP, or operator to see the image more clearly. The exterior is white, which absorbs less heat in the summer months and keeps the inside cooler. The tent folds down to the size of a standard floppy and easily stores in optional 4 x 4 carts.