Broncolor RFS 2.2 Nikon Hi-Speed Sync trigger

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High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000 sec with compatible Broncolor system and Nikon Camera
The RFS 2.2 C Transceiver for Nikon is a 2.4GHz radio remote triggering device compatible with Broncolor packs and flash heads that have built-in RFS 2.2 technology. As an alternative, an additional transceiver can be used as a receiver on a Broncolor pack or head without built-in radio technology. The RFS 2.2 C has a wireless indoor range of 98' and an outdoor range of 164'. It has a studio address setting range of 1-99 and a lamp address setting range of 1-40 and is capable of 100 releases per second. The RFS 2.2 C supports High Speed Sync for full control of ambient light, and it runs on 2 easily-sourced AA batteries.

Combination Transmitter and Receiver
2.4GHz Frequency
99 Studio Addresses, 40 Lamp Addresses
Supports High Speed Sync
Range: Indoors: 98', Outdoors: 164'
Integral Hot Shoe
Up to 100 Releases per Second
Runs on AA Batteries
LCD Screen