Phase One IQ3 50MP digital back + XF camera

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€ 325,00
€ 393,25
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€ 162,50
€ 196,63
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50MP resolution
15 stops of dynamic range
ISO 50-12,800
Better integration with body
Redesigned pixels that collect more light
Separate battery from body – but can power share
Exposure value display
Dual-value clipping display
USB 3 and HDMI ports

Thanks to the renewed CMOS sensor, the Phase One IQ3 50 megapixel digital back has a higher dynamic and ISO range than the previous Phase One backs. Even in low light situations and high ISOs, the images have a natural noise and sharpness. The IIQ L compression allows you to ensure a fast paced capture speed for the medium format standards despite the amazing resolution of 8280 x 6208 pixels. The Phase One IQ3 50 is equipped with a large and bright 3.2 “touchscreen display that is easy to operate. Choose between shooting on CF card, or tethered shooting via the USB 3.0 or firewire ports. The Phase One XF body is a completely redesigned body by Phase One, fully tuned and focused on Phase One digital backs. It features a touchscreen display, a faster auto focus than the DF+ body and a built-in Profoto Air TTL. The Phase One XF body can be expanded with a wast level fimder and the XF V-Grip.



50% discount on 50MP

Have you always wanted to try out medium format for an affordable (rental) rate? Experience incredible detail and amazing colors with the improved Phase One CMOS sensor. Great in combination with the incredibly build Schneider lenses. Make complete use of the capture one software which is especially designed for the native Phase one camera systems. This makes tethering easier than ever. We now offer a 50% discount on the rental rate. Shoot us an email if you are interested in this great offer!