Savage #18 Evergreen Background Paper

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Widetone Seamless Background Paper 2.7m x 11m

# 18 Evergreen

Painting walls can be time consuming and limiting. The solution to this is the convenient and cost effective quick set up of a paper backdrop. Savage seamless paper backdrops can be used in photographic- such as portrait,commercial and product- and video shoots alike. The Savage Seamless Paper Backdrops are easily interchangeable to achieve different looks and feels, helping you get the most out of your shoot. There is no problem getting the exact colour, and no surprises or permanency. They offer a smooth, non-reflective surface, just roll it down, and when you are done, simply roll it back up.The thick quality paper is sturdy, so you won't get any kinks or creases. If the floor part does get ruined, simply cut it off and roll more of the paper down, even during the same session. The versatility these backgrounds offer is ideal for any shoot so your creativity is never limited.