Electrical Space Heater 3kW 230V

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Just set it up, switch it on, all done – this heating device is just as easy to handle as it is portable and produces pleasant warmth without oxygen consumption. Therefore, the electrical space heater TDS 20 R is also ideally suited for heating poorly ventilated rooms or windowless basements and can be used without difficulty wherever directly fired gas or oil heating devices are undesirable or prohibited.

The integrated thermostat enables an infinitely variable adjustment of the warm air current to the desired temperature and switches the heating elements on and off as needed in addition to the permanent fan to save energy.

Heating capacity
Stage 1 [kW] 0
Stage 2 [kW] 1,5
Stage 3 [kW] 3
Max. heating capacity [kcal] 2,580
Amount of air
Max. air volume [m³/h] 411
Max. air pressure
Air pressure max. [Pa]
Temperature increase
[°C] 79
Fan stages 3
Electrical values
Nominal current consumption [A] 13,04
Recommended preliminary fuse [A] 16
Input voltage [V] 220-240
Frequency [Hz] 50
Electrical connection
Plug type CEE 7/7
Cable length [m] 1,37
Carry/transport handle(s)
Plastic wheels
Rubber-tyred metal wheels
Sound values
Sound pressure level [dB (A)] 1 m 53
Safety feature
Overheating protection

Length [mm] 210
Width [mm] 195
Height [mm] 275