Broncolor PARA 133 FB Reflector Kit

non-hi-heat version. use only flashlights
13cm Diameter, 75cm Depth
Black Backing, Includes Tilt Head
Unique Parabolic Shape
24-Segment Circle
Soft but Detailed Quality of Light
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€ 95,00
€ 114,95
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€ 47,50
€ 57,48
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While seemingly a large 130cm modifier the Para 133 Reflector Kit with Focusing Tube from Broncolor is actually comprised of 24 small segments that act like hard lights. Arranged in a soft, deep pattern, together they produce a smooth quality of light that almost paradoxically emphasizes surface texture such as makeup and skin. Three diffusers are offered to further soften the light if desired. An optional honeycomb grid is also available to defeat spill light and add directional control. An adapter is needed to accommodate your brand of light.