NiSi ATHENA Prime Full-Frame 8-Lens Kit (PL Mount)

Canon RF, Sony L, Leica L and Nikon Z mount adapters available
14, 18, 25, 35, 40, 50, 85 and 135mm
Full-Frame | T1.9/2.4 to T22
80mm Front Diameter
77mm Filter thread
10 Aperture Blades
0.8 MOD Focus and Aperture Gears
300° Focus Rotation
Lens Markings in Feet and Meters
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€ 210,00
€ 254,10
next days
€ 105,00
€ 127,05
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This ATHENA PRIME T2.4/1.9 Full-Frame 8-Lens MASTER Kit from NiSi outfits you with eight lenses of varying focal lengths suited for full-frame ARRI PL-mount cameras. The 14mm lens has a maximum aperture of T2.4, the 18 and 135mm have a maximum aperture of T2.2, and the 25, 35, 40, 50, and 85mm have a maximum aperture of T1.9. They all have the same 80mm front diameter, 46mm image circle, and 0.8 MOD gearing for consistency across the focal lengths. This allows you to use the same follow focus system and avoid tedious adjustments when you switch your lens. Drop-in filter mounts place your lens filters between your camera sensor and lens body. This kit includes a hard case that holds up to nine ATHENA lenses.