NiSi 95mm 4 stops Filter for True Color VND Swift System

ND16 Solid Neutral Density Filter
1.2x Filter Factor, + 4-Stop
82mm Metal Filter Ring
Anti-Reflective Nano Multicoating
Protective Resistance Coating
Precision Stop Scale
Slim Design Prevents Vignetting
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The 95mm ND16 Filter for True Color VND and Swift System from NiSi expands the NiSi True Color 1-5 stop VND (Variable Neutral Density filter) to a 5-9 stop VND when bright shooting conditions require more density. Adding density allows a wider aperture to be used for finer control over depth of field, allowing increased bokeh to help isolate the subject of an image. It can also provide a longer shutter time to add image blur or enhance an image's sense of motion. This filter can also be used as a standalone ND filter when combined used with the Swift Friction Mount System adapter ring.