RODE PodMic USB and XLR Dynamic Broadcast Microphone(table stand included)

Podcasting, Streaming & Content Creation
Analog XLR and Digital USB-C Outputs
Studio-Grade Internal Pop Filter
Internal High-Gain Revolution Preamp
APHEX Voice Processing
Zero-Latency Monitoring with Volume Knob
Fully Supports Smartphones and Tablets
Compatible with RODE Software Suite
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Engineered to provide a versatile workhorse for podcasting, streaming, gaming, and content creation, the PodMic USB is one of the most flexible microphones ever made by RODE, delivering all of the robust features of the original dynamic PodMic but now with added USB-C connectivity, allowing you to use either analog or digital connections. When using the XLR output, the PodMic USB performs exactly like its predecessor, albeit with an improved studio-grade internal pop filter to help tame pesky plosives. When utilizing the USB-C output, you gain access to a range of superflexible features including a high-gain low-noise Revolution preamp, pristine-quality A/D conversion, and advanced DSP that adds professional APHEX vocal processing to your recordings.