Westcott Optical Spot for Profoto

Includes optical spot, 150mm f/3.5 focusing lens, 8 gobos, gobo holder, gobo storage case, 5 color gels, gel ring clip, light mount, and travel case
Creates precise, controlled, and creative lighting in the studio
Ideal for selective lighting, dramatic special effects, subtle textures, and creative patterns on any subject, surface, or background
Focusable lens projects a sharp-edged circle of light without discoloration or halo effect
Adjustable metal leaves for projecting precise shapes and slices of light
5 gel filters with gel clip for adding color
8 gobo designs project a focusable image or pattern of light
Attaches to a compatible light source using the included light mount
Rated for 100W COBs and 600Ws strobes with LED or COB modeling lamp or the modeling lamp removed
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€ 35,00
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€ 17,50
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Create lighting effects you've always dreamed of. The Optical Spot is a unique lighting tool that allows you to achieve a range of lighting effects that were never possible before. Whether you're aiming for a modern, eye-catching light pattern on your subject or a subtle texture on your background, the Optical Spot will give you what you need.