Broncolor 1600W HMI FT Kit for Para 88, 133, 177 and 222

HMI FT1600 Lamp Head
Lamp Device with Bulb, Counter Reflector
HMI 800/1600 Electronic Ballast Unit
Lamp Cable
Fits: Broncolor Para 88, Para 133, Para 177 and Para 222
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Incorporating the foundational components of the modular FT system, the HMI FT1600 Kit by Broncolor offers an excellent option for those looking to lease, rent, or hire top-quality lighting equipment. This kit includes the 1600W lamp head, a lamp module complete with a daylight-balanced bulb and counter reflector, a 90-265 VAC ballast unit, a 7.5-meter cable, and a sturdy hard-sided transport case, ensuring that all kit components are safeguarded during transportation or storage.

The FT System is designed to seamlessly facilitate the rental and use of continuous light sources in combination with Para parabolic reflectors. It accomplishes this through specialized focusing rods that enable precise adjustment of the light output. The included HMI FT1600 Lamp Head, in combination with the connected ballast, securely attaches to the rear of the optional focusing rod, while the Lamp Device with bulb and counter reflector easily affixes to the front of the rod.

What sets the HMI FT1600 apart is its ability to provide 100-50% dimming control while maintaining consistent colour temperature, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. It's flicker-free, making it particularly well-suited for video shoots and high-speed photography sessions. With an impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95+, this kit ensures that your rented or hired equipment meets your exacting standards. Additionally, when converting measurements to centimetres and meters, the provided 7.5-meter cable becomes approximately 750 centimetres or 7.5 meters in length, offering flexibility and convenience in your lighting setup.