DoPchoice SNAPBAG M for RABBIT-ROUNDER system (116x84cm)

Rectangular Softbox
116.1 x 84.1 x 82 cm (Open)
45 x 33 x 32" (Open)
Bowens Mount
Profoto Mount
Broncolor Mount
Removable Front Diffuser
Magic Cloth
first day
€ 25,00
€ 30,25
next days
€ 12,50
€ 15,13
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This Medium SNAPBAG from DoPchoice is a 45 x 33 x 32" modifier designed to soften the edge of bright light fixtures. It has a Rabbit Round Bowens mount for use when renting Aputure LS series, Kelvin Epos 300, Nanlux Forza series, Profoto and Broncolor Licht fixtures but is also compatible with many other lights. With a silver interior to maximize output, the SNAPBAG lives up to its name by "snapping" open instantly for immediate use. The softbox comes with a Magic Cloth front diffuser and a carrying bag.