Profoto Collapsible Reflector - Sunsilver/White L (120cm)

Diameter 120cm
Shape Sunlight or Bounce Flash Light
Sunsilver Side for Warmer Light Output
White Side for Natural Light Reflection
Two Ergonomic Handles
Sturdy Yet Foldable Metal Frame
High-Quality Fabric
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€ 5,45
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The 120 sunsilver and white Collapsible Reflector from Profoto provide the ability to bounce and shape sunlight and studio lights to place light where you need it and improve the general light quality on a subject. The sunsilver side of the reflector increases overall light output and adds warmth and contrast, while the white side provides a softer, more natural fill. The reflector features two ergonomically shaped handles for comfort and better directional control. Sturdy fabrics and a strong, yet easily folded frame provide long-lasting durability.