Profoto B10X Plus 500Ws OCF Flash Duo Kit

2 x B10X Plus 500Ws Flash Heads
2 x Li-Ion Batteries, 2 x Chargers
2 x Stand Adapters, Core Backpack
200 Full-Power Flashes, TTL
Recycling: 0.05 to 2.2 sec, HSS
Built-In Radio and Bluetooth Release
Continuous LED Light, 3000-6500K CRI: 96
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€ 90,00
€ 108,90
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€ 45,00
€ 54,45
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Designed for image makers who require superior-quality of light in the studio or on the road, the B10X Plus OCF Flash Duo Kit from Profoto precisely fits that need. The kit includes two 500Ws B10X Plus flash heads each with a lithium-ion battery that will give you 200 full-power flashes with recycling times as short as 0.05 to 2.2 seconds. Also included are two battery chargers, two stand adapters, and a padded Core Backpack.