NiSi 67mm True Color 1 to 5-Stop Variable ND Filter

82mm front filter thread size
Variable 0.3 to 1.5 Neutral Density
Reduces Exposure by 1-5 Stops
Darkens Entire Image Area
True Color for Minimal Color Shift
Hard Stops at Each End; No X Effect
Removable Rotating Lever
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Enjoy finer exposure control with a minimal colour shift by adding a True Color ND-VARIO Pro Nano 1 to 5-Stop Variable ND Filter from NiSi to your kit. These filters are designed to reduce exposure while maintaining "True Color" with minimal colour shift. Their 1 to 5-stop ND range has hard stops at each end that will ensure the "X" effect will not appear in your images. Being able to seamlessly adjust exposure will ensure the images are being captured at their best quality.