Aputure Spotlight Mount Set with 3 Lenses

Usable with all (Aputure) led lights whit Bowens mount
Beam Angle 19°
Mount: Bowens
Yoke: Dual Baby/Junior Mount
first day
€ 45,00
€ 54,45
next days
€ 22,50
€ 27,23
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Offering a high degree of control, this Aputure Spotlight Mount Set is a versatile light modifier including 19°, 26° and 36° lenses for producing a dramatic yet clean beam of light. Featuring a Bowens mount, this modifier can be easily attached to a variety of lights, including the Light Storm LC 300X, 300D and 600D, The Spotlight's design incorporates a dual drop-in slot, which can accept the included B-size gobo holder, included gel holder, or an adjustable iris for further control over the shape and size of the light beam. Like a conventional ellipsoidal light


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