7artisans 12mm T2.8 Cine Lens (E Mount)

For APS-C Sensors, Mirrorless Only
Filter Thread 82 mm
T2.9 to T16 Aperture
89mm Front Diameter
9-Blade Iris
270° Focus Barrel Rotation
Focus Scales in Feet and Meters
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€ 25,00
€ 30,25
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€ 12,50
€ 15,13
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Sharp, compact, and robust, the 12mm T2.9 Vision Cine Lens from 7artisans works with standard cine lens accessories, so it will easily fit into your workflow. This ultra-wide version of the lens comes in a Canon RF mount, and it features focus scales marked in feet and meters. The maximum T2.9 aperture allows you to film a gentle soft bokeh with soft natural-looking out-of-focus highlights, while the T16 minimum aperture helps reduce artefacts that can appear when the aperture opening is too small.