SmallRig VCT-14 Universal Shoulder Rig

VCT-14 Wedge with Shoulder Pad
Left & Right Handgrips
2 x Adjustable Rosette Extension Arms
4 x 15mm C Rods, 9" Long
Manfrotto 501 Compatible QR Plate
1/4"-20 Threads, 2 x ARRI-Style Rosettes
Soft Silicone Shoulder Pad
Rod Support Adjusts 0.9" Vertically
Sliding Plate Adjusts 3.1" for Balance
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Add solid handheld shoulder support to your camera rig with this VCT-14 Universal Multifunctional Shoulder Rig Kit from SmallRig. The kit includes the Sony VCT-14 Shoulder Pad Pro, two adjustable rosette extension arms, one left-side rosette handgrip, one right-side rosette handgrip, and two 15mm rods measuring 9" in length.