Manfrotto Ball Head with Top Lock plate MHXPRO-BHQ6

Triple locking ensures precise shooting without drift
Grease-free and smoother movements thanks to new polymer rings
Lightweight body with very impressive 10kg payload performance
Frame accurately with levelling bubbles
Arca-Swiss-compatible lock quick-release for more flexibility
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Statiefkop met balhoofd cq.kogelhoofd compatibel met Arca - Swiss plaat

Weight 0.52 kg
Base Diameter 60 mm
Material Aluminium, Magnesium
Front Tilt -90° / +40°
Safety Payload UNI/PdR 105:2021: 15 kg
Safety Payload Weight: 10 kg
Bubble Spirit Level (No.): 2
Plate Type: MSQ6PL
Base Type: 45 mm
Ball Locking: Yes
Top Attachment: 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ thread female
Easy Link: No
Friction Control: Yes
Head Type: Ball Head
Independent Pan Lock: yes
Independent Tilt Lock: yes
Lateral Tilt: -90° / +40°
Maximum Working Temperature: 60 °C
Minimum Working Temperature: -30 °C
Pan Bar Included: No
Pan Drag: NONE
Panoramic Rotation: 360 °
Quick Release: Yes
Tilt Drag: NONE
Working Height: 11.5 cm