Kessler Pocket Jib PRO (incl. heavy duty tripod)

Load Capacity 50.0 lb (22.7 kg)
Length Collapsed: 46" (116.8 cm)
Fully Extended to End of Ball Relocator: 83.5" (212.0 cm)
Full Extended to End of Platform: 76.0" (193.0 cm)
Dimensions 74.5 x 9.25 x 10" (189 x 23 x 25 cm)
Weight 26.7 lb (12.1 kg)
first day
€ 45,00
€ 54,45
next days
€ 22,50
€ 27,23
excl. VAT incl. VAT


The Pocket Jib PRO from Kessler Crane is a compact, portable jib. This fully collapsible jib is easily transportable, but can also mount the Kessler Pocket Dolly or CineSlider, turning it into a virtual "all-in-one" production tool, offering both a jib and mini-dolly in one unit. The unit has a telescopic dual rail arm design that has a maximum reach of 5'. The end of the crane arm features a ball relocator with a 100mm bowl, so you can mount a 100mm ball fluid head. The weight bar system is also telescopic and collapses and folds away for easy transport.