MARBL Orbit Pro kit

Arial circular motion / time-laps dolly
first day
€ 250,00
€ 302,50
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€ 125,00
€ 151,25
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The ORBIT camera dolly system was dreamed up by content creator and Youtuber Josh Yeo. Back in 2018 he rigged a camera to a long pole attached to a time-lapse motor and hung it upside down in his bedroom YouTube studio. The shot featured him answering a red telephone in a smooth rotating “orbiting’ shot. That single shot garnered so much attention that Josh reached out to his longtime friend and entrepreneur, Jonathan Hyams to see if he would help him create an easier-to-use, purpose-built version of his rigged device. MARBL was formed and the two friends began brainstorming ideas and pulling together resources/contacts to turn their dream into a reality.

Each version of the ORBIT got better and more advanced yet there was one major hurdle that the two could not overcome: …complete motor silence. That is when AXIBO got involved and applied their genius minds to our motor programming. Coincidentally they had just finished building a premium camera slider that they needed a totally silent motor for. We then reached out to Ty Roeloffze to help us create branding, logos, and app layouts. Engineering files and CAD renderings were masterfully crafted by Hayden Gray. What had started as one simple rotating product had morphed into several product packages that included ring lights, laser beams, remote control, app integration, and the ability to set the product up outdoors.

The final step was figuring out how and where to launch the product. We brought on Greg Esman to tie it all together for us so that we could launch on Kickstarter. There is quite a big learning curve to the Kickstarter platform. Greg worked tirelessly to find answers to all our questions and fast-tracked us to Kickstarter success. On March 15th, 2021 we launched ORBIT and raised over $200,000 on our first day. Within two weeks we were featured as the main project on Kickstarter. In total over $475,000 was raised by selling the ORBIT to over 20 countries across the world.

Getting to this point has been a journey, to say the least. Everyone in our team dedicated countless hours to this project sacrificing time with their friends and families to see this through. Thank you all so much for you efforts and a huge thank you to all of our backers around the world. Your support and feedback will help us ensure that we deliver an amazing product.

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