Kessler Cine Slider 5' (150cm)

Belt-Driven Heavy-Duty Sliding System
51" Travel Distance
80 lb Load Capacity, Weighs 12 lb
Adjustable Drag Control, Friction Brake
60.5" Total Length
Rails Positioned on the Inside
Reinforced Aluminum Construction
Supports Optional Kessler Crank Handle
Compatible with Motor Systems
first day
€ 50,00
€ 60,50
next days
€ 25,00
€ 30,25
excl. VAT incl. VAT
The CineSlider from Kessler Crane is a belt-driven, heavy-duty camera slider supporting up to 36Kg, and this model measures a total length of 154cm it has a total weight of 5,4Kg and a travel distance of 130cm. The slider is made of reinforced aluminum, and the slide rails are on the inside, where they're better protected.
This CineSlider supports 80 lb when placed on a surface or mounted on two tripods. It is not recommended for use with a single center mount. It is designed with adjustable drag control, which allows you to add resistance to the movement of the slider carriage, allowing for more consistency on slower slides. The drag control knob also works as a friction brake when fully locked down. It does not come with a crank handle, but you can add an optional Kessler Crank Handle at any time.
The CineSlider is capable of being motorized with one of several optional Kessler Crane motorized systems, such as the elektraDRIVE, CineDrive, or Second Shooter motion control systems. It can also be enhanced with the optional Kessler Parallax, which will add a panning axis, allowing for inward and outward panning shots.
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