FeelWorld LUT6S 6" 2600 cd/m² HDMI/SDI Touchscreen Monitor

Outdoor Visible 2600 cd/m² Brightness
Compact and Slim with 1080p Touchscreen
4K HDMI/3G-SDI Input and Loop Output
Built-In HDR and DeLog 3D LUTs
3D LUT Upload via SD Card Slot
Integrated L-Series Battery Plate
Scopes, Anamorphic De-Squeeze, and More
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The FeelWorld LUT6S is designed with HDMI and SDI connections, LUT support, and a max brightness of 2600 cd/m² to allow a comprehensive video monitoring solution suitable for bright outdoor conditions. It's also built slim and compact so it can comfortably be used on the side of your gimbal and in other mobile applications, as well as on-camera using an included tilt-adjustable mounting arm.

The LUT6S features a 6" 1920 x 1080 touchscreen display and HDMI/SDI inputs and loop outputs as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio monitoring on set. Work with up to DCI 4K30 resolution via the HDMI ports and 2K60 via SDI (SDI output supports up to 1080p60 only). An intuitive operating system is navigated with touch and swipe gestures and offers access to tools and functions such as built-in HDR and DeLog 3D LUTs, anamorphic de-squeeze, vectorscope, zoom, focus assist, and much more. The LUT6S also allows you to upload up to 50 3D LUTs via an SD card slot and keep them stored.

Power options include an integrated L-series battery plate and a DC power input port. There's also an auxiliary DC power output that allows you to run select cameras off the monitor's power supply. Batteries and cables are sold separately. To ensure proper heat dissipation, a fan on the rear of the monitor turns on automatically whenever backlight brightness reaches over 80. The LUT6S provides a 1/4"-20 mounting thread on the bottom and one on the right side.
2600 cd/m² High Brightness
The screen brightness is adjustable to up to 2600 cd/m², which is multiple times brighter than in conventional monitors and allows for viewing in sunny outdoor conditions without reflections washing out your image. The display has an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a viewing angle of 160°, and it's made of optically bonded glass with an antireflective coating.
Built-In HDR/DeLog 3D LUTs
The LUT6S features built-in HLG 2020, HLG 709, and HLG P3 HDR 3D LUTs, and Rec. 709 DeLog LUTs, including S-Log2, S-Log3, C-Log, and V-Log. This simplifies the complexities of shooting log and HDR footage by helping you replicate post-production workflows while shooting.
Custom 3D LUT Support
Load up to 50 custom LUTs via an SD card slot to see what your image will look like when you apply a LUT in post-production. The LUT6S supports .cube LUTs up to 7.9MB with LUT_3D_SIZE 16, 17, 32, 33, 64, 65.
HDMI I/O, Auto Fan, Auxiliary Power, and More
Connect to virtually any camera via the HDMI and SDI input, and loop outputs will at the same time let you connect to a larger display for simultaneous monitoring or to a wireless transmitter. There's also a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for audio monitoring. The LUT6S offers a 1/4"-20 mounting thread on the bottom and one on the right. It has an integrated L-series battery plate and offers a 12 VDC power input port for continuous power. Additionally, the monitor provides auxiliary DC power output, allowing you to power select cameras from your monitor battery. It also has a fan on the rear that turns on automatically depending on backlight brightness for optimal heat dissipation. When this feature is activated, the fan will turn on automatically if the backlight brightness goes above 80.
Rec. 709 Color Standard
The LUT6S uses the professional Rec. 709 HD color standard and uses color calibration technology to achieve accurate color reproduction.
Sophisticated OS with Touchscreen Workflow
The operating system provides a touch and swipe workflow for working with LUTs and tools for focus, framing, exposure, audio monitoring, anamorphic de-squeeze, and much more.