Hollyland 400S SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System

The Hollyland Mars 400S is an inexpensive but solid wireless video transmitting system. It supports both HD-SDI via BNC or HDMI video inputs and can be powered internally with NP-F batteries or externally with D-Tap. As a special feature, the system can also transmit to up to 4 iOS or Android decides, making it easy for crew members to monitor the action on set.
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€ 22,99
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Reliable wireless video system for monitoring
Up to 120m of range
Cast to up to 4 iOS devices
Use up to 2 receivers
HDMI and HD-SDI (BNC) inputs
Can be powered with L-type (NP-F), via D-Tap or AC power
Not a zero-delay system, but close

We do not recommend this system for focus pulling, or where delay could be an issue. For normal monitoring, like when used by a director or client monitor, the system performs well.