Broncolor Para 133 HMI 1600w Kit

Powerful Beroncolor Para HMI light
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The HMI FT1600w Kit from Broncolor includes the Para 133, 1600W continuous lamp head, a lamp module with a daylight-balanced bulb and counter reflector, a 90-265 VAC ballast unit, a 24.6'-long cable, and a hard-sided transport case to protect the kit components during travel or storage.

The FT System revolves around the ability to pair a continuous light source with Para parabolic reflectors, using dedicated focusing rods for adjusting the light output. The included HMI FT1600 Lamp Head, along with the connected ballast, attaches to the rear of the optional focusing rod while the Lamp Device with bulb and counter reflector attach to the front of the rod. The HMI FT1600 also permits 100-50% dimming control with consistent color, is flicker-free to suit video and high-speed shooting applications, and has a CRI of 95+.
What makes the Para unique is the system's ability to focus or defocus the rear-firing light head via a central column. Focusing the beam by moving the head away from the reflector's center gives you a hard, highly directional output, somewhat like a large spot. Defocusing the beam by moving it toward the apex of the parabolic reflector allows the segmented Para to fracture the light into 24 smaller sources that soften the output while maintaining a crisp textural quality.

now for rent, Broncolor Para HMI system.

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