Profoto ProHead Plus Flash Head with Zoom Reflector

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4,800W/s Capacity
500W Modeling Lamp
Patent Pending "Perfect Arc" Flash Tube
Thicker Glass Dome
Uses over 120 Light Shaping Tools
Includes Zoom 2 Reflector
13.2' (4.0 m) Head Cable
Removable Handle

Building on the foundation of the high-performance ProHead, the ProHead Plus Flash Head with Zoom Reflector by Profoto raises the bar on the definition of "professional" equipment. Power has always been at the heart of the ProHead's design and the ProHead Plus doesn't disappoint with its fan-cooled 4,800W/s capacity and heavy-duty cabling that allows for intense shooting sessions hour after hour.

The ProHead Plus has a heavy duty, sealed head connector capable of safely pumping very large amounts of juice to the upgraded "Perfect Arc" flash tube that offers improved triggering at low power settings and greater overall flash stability. Even the glass dome has been beefed up to better handle its power. And the head has 500W of modelling light output to match all that power, making it bright enough to shoot video with if needed. The beefed up 13.2' head cable is twist and crack resistant. The ProHead Plus comes with Zoom Reflector 2 that can provide 45 - 100-degree beam angles to suit your needs. Its folding handle makes for space-efficient packing and storage.