Photek Sunbuster Plus 84" kit (Uncle Sam)

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Extension Pole
Tilting Bracket, Frame
Black/Silver Cover
Clamp, T-Bar

No it's not a blimp eclipsing the sun, it's a behemoth called the Photek Sunbuster SB-84WFG-Plus 84" Umbrella Kit. This 84" giant can carve out a nice patch of scrimed light or open shade to tame contrast and stop the hot sun from broiling your talent. But this isn't just a large shoot-through umbrella, it's a whole system. A 42" extension pole with tilting frame is provided, along with a heavy boom-type tilting bracket. A black/silver cover replaces the white diffusion for crisp long throw reflection or lighting. The kit also includes a grip clamp and T-bar and a carrying case to put them all in.