Vocas MFC-2 Follow Focus

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Complete MFC-2S Limited edition follow focus kit for DSLR and ENG-style lenses, with a gear ratio of 1:1. The kit includes the MFC-2S 15 mm snap-on bracket (0500-1010), the MFC-2 Gear unit 1:1 ratio (0500-1100), the MFC-2/6 Knob wood with 1 adjustable stop (0500-1215), the MFC-2S Palm support wood (0500-1300), the MFC-2 Drive gear M0,8/40T (0500-0601) and 3 Pieces: Flexible gear ring, with 2 movable stops (0500-0295-03). The MFC-2 is a very flexible and modular follow focus system. There are two different gearboxes (1:1 for DSLR/ENG lenses and 1:1,75 for Cine lenses), plenty of knobs to choose from (Industrial plastic (Delrin) or wood and with or without movable hard stop) and a number of various drive gears. The follow focus 'snaps' on 15 mm rails (or optional 19 mm rails by using the 19mm to 15mm adapter), has two horizontal adjustment possibilities and a tiltable follow focus knob. Furthermore, the reversible rotation direction is very easy to adjust.