As many of you already know, our team moved to a new location some time ago. And with that - people being the beating heart of a company and all - Umsjatka’s rock n roll soul slowly faded away. Life in a nutshell we suppose. Yet with every ending, there is a new beginning. You can still carry out productions in our most recent ‘Studio 8’ and can still make use of our top-notch equipment and services via our far more specialized rental company ‘’. The rental store is located next to Studio 8 in the vibrant Westerpark neighbourhood. But most importantly, we still offer our notorious Italian-style espressos and cappuccinos; classic Umsjatka vibes in a brand-new creative atmosphere. Come over anytime to check it out and we’ll have a farewell drink in the spirit of Umsjatka. Cuz the grief of her loss may stay with us for some time, yet the joy of our good memories will stay forever!

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