Phase One Certified Professional Course (POCP)

On September the 18 and 19th organizes an exciting two-day Phase One Certified Professional Course in close collaboration with and "You can register by clicking on this link!"

It doesn't matter whether you are a photographer, digi-tech, photo assistant or any other image professional. This course will be hosted by a certified Phase One professional trainer who will be on hand to give you the most current information regarding Phase One hard and software and the new XF IQ4 150MP Camera System to make sure you get the most out of the Phase One ecosystem. So come to join us if you want to enhance your skills within the Phase One product line, all within the great atmosphere of the Umsjatka studio's, where you'll be provided with an endless amount of our infamous freshly ground coffees and a deliciously prepared lunch! The costs? a Mere 400 euro ex. VAT, this includes a pre-qualification test, 2 days of training, a certification test to show completion, a Capture One Pro license and of course as mentioned our lunch and beverages. You can register by clicking on this link!
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